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Tomàs Cusiné : SINCE 2003

The winery Tomàs Cusiné is located in the village of El Vilosell, at the southern end of the Designation of Origin Costers del Segre, within the sub-area of Les Garrigues, in the province of Lleida, at a high elevation.

The estate is located on the north side of the mountain range known as La llena, the last of the Montsant mountain range, bordered on the south by the Tarragona region, La Conca de Barbera and Priorat. The state lies on a very rugged terrain. It has many small plots of vineyards planted between oaks forests, pines and junipers. All parcels of vines have slope and different exposures to the sun, mostly northeast. The soil has calcareous compositions with varying amounts of gravel, with good permeability and freshness.

The altitude of the vineyards, the persistent westerly winds during the day time and evening winds named marinade, the day-night temperature contrast and year rainfall between 380 and 600l forms a cold climate that ensures slow ripening of the grapes, with late harvest that helps good acidity, thick skins, soft tannins and great colour intensity in the wines.


El Vilosell, SPAIN | N 41.3825° E 0.9474°

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