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Italesse Ocean Stopper Quick

Italesse Ocean Stopper Quick

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Functional, practical sparkling wines stopper in acrylic with an elegant appeal to preserve the quality of champagne and wine.

This sparkling wine stopper is the result of the research made together with the best champagne producers on the market; Italesse has contributed from the design point of view.

Materials used for this champagne and sparkling wine stopper are acrylic, food-grade rubber for the nipple, and stainless steel for the hook.

The peculiar feature of the nipple is that it expands under the sparkling wine pressure which then adheres to the neck walls to guarantee maximum seal.

Colour Black
Material Acrylic, silicone and stainless steel
Use Single-clamp stopper. Fits Champagne and Spumante bottles.
Capacity One (1) Bottle
Dimensions Height 78 mm Width 39 mm
Box Quantity One (1)
Designer Minedivine Associati for Italesse
Product SKU 1040
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